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World tendency

Creation of the innovative economies which are based on generation and spread of knowledge, effective application of achievements in sphere of a science and high technologies.

The cardinal changes of organizational and administrative paradigms characterising occurring global processes: stability and predictability are more and more substituted by continuous changes and advances; speed of response and speed of performance of operations at a world degree of quality start to play a special role; "handle of results" everywhere substitutes "handle of processes"; there appeared a globally distributed network of "virtual firms"; the global hypercompetition demands constant development and fixing of own competitive advantages, confirmation of the superiority).

Fast and intensive growth of informational-communication technologies and the science intensive computer technologies which promote cardinal change of character and features of competition in education, science, industry and business; in particular, development of new ICT and SICT allows to "skip" decades of economic and technological evolution - the brightest example of such "jump" are Brazil, China, India and other countries of South East Asia.

Fast globalisation of the markets, competition, educational and industry standards, financial capital and innovations which makes new high demands: dynamism, flexibility, constant upgrade and ability to adapt promptly to constantly changing much more difficult and tougher, than earlier, conditions.

Fundamental shift from the economy based on exploitation of natural resources to "economy of knowledge", based on ICT, high technologies and innovations, and also the approach of sectors and branches of the economy, fundamental and applied science - intensive development of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researches and technologies, integration of education, science and the industry.

Step-by-step transition from highly specialised branch experts with a set of the knowledge formally confirmed with the diploma, to the highly skilled experts possessing key competences - readiness, abilities and skills to carry on certain scientific and technical activity (scientific, engineering, designer, settlement, technological etc.), meeting high requirements of the world market.

Strategic problems of national industry

Re-structuring of the industry by creation of competitive and highly technological corporate industrial structures in priority industries:

  • Formation and development of State corporations: Incorporated aviadevelopment corporation, Incorporated ship-building corporation, Rosnanotech, Rostechnology, Rosatom;
  • Formation and development of industrial corporations (for example, Plc "Incorporated industrial corporation" "Oboronprom", supervising Plc "Helicopters of Russia", Plc "Defensive systems", Plc "Oboronpromlizing");
  • Formation and development of industrial holding corporations (Armoured holding, holding on manufacture of engines, holding of working out and manufacture of composites, fuelling holding, holding "Electronic systems");
  • Development of innovative activity and introduction in the industry of high technologies and the equipment of world level.

Introduction of the advanced methods and control systems of the domestic enterprises on the basis of a modern information technology, introduction of systems of the quality management corresponding to world standards.

Diversification of activity of the domestic machine-building enterprises.

Preparation and retraining of personnel, involving in activity of the enterprises machinery complex of the competent experts having competences of world level.

Formation of national system of certification and standardization of production of mechanical engineering, formation of a certification system of the experts having competences of world level.

Dynamical development of an export potential of domestic mechanical engineering.

Strategy of ANO "Innovative technologic center "Technopark Perspektiva" - to search for individual developers and organizations which are actually owners of perspective in technological sense intellectual property; assistance in promoting these products, including promoting through a state assistance with the use of available facilities for development of new products on basis of economically and ecologically progressive technologies.

Primary function is the assistance with commercialization of new technologies under author rights, development of operating principles which could make an extramural idea as revenue of such authors, manufacturers, consumers and society in general.

Priority objectives are:

  1. Concentration of intellectual, financial and applied resources of the native science in the most important directions;
  2. Liquidation of a severance between abstract and applied science;
  3. Development of innovative activity;
  4. Interdepartmental, interregional and inter-industry assistance and coordination of activity in innovative technological branch and implementation on the Russian and foreign markets;
  5. Assistance with development and implementation of innovative:
    • Industrial technologies, providing high quality and competitive capacity of national commodity on home and foreign markets;
    • Technologies of production of technical equipment for machine engineering;
    • Computer technologies of quality management;
    • Electronic technologies of information commodity support;
  6. Creating and securing of an effective operating:
    • System of retraining and arising of the level of specialist’s skill;
    • System of computer remote learning, retraining and arising of the level of specialist’s skill;
  7. Complex assistance:
    • With development, implementation perspective IT and telecommunication in different industrial branches;
    • With establishment and development of a unified scientific and technical centers and telecommunication area;
  8. Implementation of scientific and technical activities in branches:
    • Securing of product quality;
    • IT and telecommunication;

Automation of product designing and technical process, development of information integration and system of support life cycle of the scientific intensive technologies.